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SUMMER IS COMING QUICKLY, which means so is our Anniversary!

Florida Swim School’s indoor location
turns 3 June 1!

Stay tuned for customer appreciation specials.

We are happy to announce that, beginning May 1, make-ups will be available for one (1) year!
*Students must be enrolled to schedule make ups.
*If you cancel membership, make-ups are also cancelled.
*Proper notice must be given (4 hours) to receive
a make-up opportunity.
*Make-ups are scheduled through your family portal and not Florida Swim School staff.
Below are pictures to explain logging into family portal from Google Chrome:

Summer Travel
We can mark swimmers absent when traveling to
keep the day and time upon return.
Make-ups may be scheduled before or after travel.
Drop-in classes may be scheduled any time as available.
When cancelling due to travel, please remember to reschedule before your schedules get too crowded!

Skill Progression
It is completely acceptable and effective to attend
swim class once per week.
We understand that schedules are busy so we are glad to see you at least once per week!
Florida Swim School is open Monday through Saturday and classes are available any or all days.

New Teachers
As summer approaches, teachers’ schedules change.
Some teachers go home for the summer when school ends.  Florida Swim School will always have teachers who are happy, enthusiastic, passionate and educated about teaching swimming.    

If you are moving away, please ask us for a referral for a
swim school near your new home.
When searching for a swim school, these questions are useful:
*Can classes be observed before registering?
*Is teaching method nurturing or aggressive?
*Can parents participate? (Even if you do not want to participate, ask)

Links for You
Building Social Bonds
Rewards vs Punishment and why
Family-active time

It is a great time of year to
spend time at the beach.

Be prepared and safer by
following these tips:

*Swim in front of a lifeguard
*Watch your children.
*  Keep feet on the ground so undertows do not sweep children away from shore.  Swimming in the ocean is different than a pool.
*Ask the lifeguard if it is safe to enter
*Flags at lifeguard station have meaning – know what they are
*Apply sunscreen regularly (every 30 minutes to 1 hour)
*Stay Hydrated (if thirsty, dehydration has already begun)
*Only use U.S. Coast Guard approved Lifesaving Devices
Life Jacket Regulations
*Other items are not flotation devices and should not be used as such.

 Be sure to have your friends tell us when you refer them so you receive money towards your membership!  

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