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Wow! June is over and Summer is in full force! Our students are improving

every day with their swimming skills!

Unfortunately, this is the time when drownings occur more often…

What can you do to prevent drowning?

Be certain to watch your children constantly when they are in the water or assign

someone to be the “water watcher”. If you are having pool party, hire a

lifeguard! Inflatable arm bands and other floating items will not save your

child in the water. If you cannot be in the water with your child, use ONLY

Coast Guard certified flotation devices. These will be stamped visibly as “Coast

Guard Certified” and only these devices are guaranteed to keep your child afloat.

Feel free to call the office with any questions or advice about swimming safety.

The priority of Florida Swim School is to educate families about water safety as

we build swimming skills and a love of water for every student.

Remember that Florida Swim School teaches independent swimming so

swimmers learn how to swim safely in any pool. If you notice that your child

does not leave your pool steps when playing at home, that means he/she has

learned boundaries and is being safe! There are plenty of activities you can

practice with your child, just ask us when you come to Florida Swim School.

The activities will differ depending on age.

Florida Swim School is super excited to see more adults taking swim classes!

10% discount for parents and nannies

First Class is Free for Florida Swim School Members!

Don’t be intimidated or shy if you do not know how to swim. Let us teach you

so you can enjoy the water too!

Kindly call the office 561-288-3817 instead of email if you will miss a class. We

may not see the email in time of the class and wonder where you are…If you do

not notify us that you will be absent, there are no make-ups available to you. We

do keep track of absences and make-ups.

Please visit our Facebook page, Instagram @flswimschool and Twitter

@flswimschool for updated information.

Please email info@flswimschool with any feedback. We can only be better if we

hear from you! Our priority is safer swimmers who love the water!

As always, thank you for trusting Florida Swim School with your children!