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Summer Fun with Family!

Summer Fun with Family!
It is good to see families taking advantage of our convenient drop-in classes.

Members of Florida Swim School may schedule weekly drop-in classes when your schedule does not allow you to keep the same day each week. Remaining in swim classes keeps skills current. Therefore, when your schedule becomes consistent again, there is less chance for loss of abilities.

We are proud to announce that we have promoted to Manager both

Margaux and Emerson!

Margaux and Emerson are prepared and qualified to assist with any situations at Florida Swim School and we are excited that they have embraced their new role. At least one of them is present during hours of operation.

You may have noticed new faces at Florida Swim School.
We welcome teachers Brooke, Sam, and Cole to our Swim Family!

During Summer, some teachers leave for college, summer break or vacation.

When students have new teachers, these teachers are prepared and aware of the students’ current skill levels. Florida Swim School uses a curriculum and progress log that allows for effective substitute teaching without disrupting progress.

Teachers who are new this summer have committed to teach all year.

Florida Swim School teachers are nurturing with an understanding of handling those who may be apprehensive. All must complete 32 hours of training, regardless of previous experience.

It is very rewarding to teach swimming.

The Team at Florida Swim School understands that it is a commitment for parents, students, and teachers in order for success.

We are thankful for your trust.

We promise to continue to teach using positive reinforcement and encouragement.

Florida Swim School uses “Compliment Sandwich” when teaching: correction, praise, correction.

This concept builds confidence which is our goal for all students.

Children are always watching and listening for guidance so let’s all be positive models.

Children are a reflection of their parents.

We will accommodate new school schedules so when you are ready to switch your times from summer to school, call or stop in to confirm.

Florida Swim School misses those who are traveling and look forward to your return!

We will send reminder emails for rescheduling swim classes.

Swimming tips:

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