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Scholarship Application

Application Terms:

Scholarship recipients are unable to demonstrate unassisted continuous swimming and breathing.

Please review and agree to the terms and conditions of this scholarship before starting your application:

I understand that information about my child’s swimming skills may be exchanged between Florida Swim School (FSS) and Every Child a Swimmer Foundation or Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation USA.

I understand that if I am awarded financial assistance, this program will become a priority and I will commit to swimming lessons during the scheduled period.

I understand that swimming skill information and photos may be shared with grant providers.

I understand that photos of my swimmer during swimming lessons/at swimming facility may be used for promotional material. Names will not be used.

I understand that I have four months from my start date to use my scholarship. After which, funds will be exhausted.

All information submitted on this application are true to the best of my knowledge.

All Information Is Accurate

Please allow two weeks for notification of your application status. We will notify you of your approval or denial via email, and if approved, we will call you to discuss how it works and your scheduling/programming options.

Lesson start dates will depend on schedule availability. Accepting scholarship funds will require a commitment on the part of the parent/caregiver. It is important to complete all scheduled lessons to ensure your swimmer’s success in our program. Any missed lessons/classes will not be rescheduled. All information disclosed within your application will be kept confidential.
By checking this box, you agree to the terms above.

Student Information:

Use format MM/DD/YYYY
Use format 555-555-5555

Documentation for Scholarship:

Please provide one of the following:

• Federal Tax return, showing an annual salary of $40k or under.
• Medicaid Card
• Food stamp card / SNAP program
• WIC (Women Infant program)
• Foster Care family/credentials
• Head Start Preschool
• Active Military ID
Please click "Choose File" button and navigate to the documentation file on your computer. Allowed file types are .doc, .docx, .pdf, .jpg, .png. Maximum file size is 32 MB.