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“Thanks to you too, because my 2 daughters really learned to swim very well because of your excellent classes.”



Great facility and quality swimming instruction for the kids.



We absolutely love FL Swim School! Our daughter has been attending classes here since she was about 18 months, and she just turned 4. She is a strong swimmer for her age thanks to Kara, Margaux, and the instructors at FSS. Last 4th of July, I watched her fall into a friend’s pool (supervised). As I panicked and rushed over, I watched her calmly swim to the side of the pool and climb out safely, just like they’ve taught her to do. THANK YOU Kara & team for giving us peace of mind that no amount of money can buy. We will keep bringing Emily as long as you’ll have her. Our family is forever grateful for you!



Awesome academy! We come every week and the instructors are very hands and and attentive. The kids love it! Highly recommend.



The best swim school in Florida and Boca Raton.


I love this swim school! It is set up so beautifully with ocean decorations and a big window to watch your child swimming. Their instructors are all so nice & my daughter loves it!!