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Water Safety

You can learn about being safer in and around water with the Water Safety Online Course.

In the US, drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children ages 4 and younger and the second leading cause of death for children ages 5-14.

Water safety can be taught anywhere.  Water is not required!

The knowledge learned from the water safety online course saves lives.

The Water Safety Online Course teaches water safety to ages 14 and under.  Lesson plans are included in the curriculum, as well as downloadable materials for parents and caregivers.  A copy of the book “Swimming Buddies” created by Florida Swim School staff will be provided upon registration.  The water safety course takes 2.5-3 hours to complete.  The lesson plans are for 1 hour total learning that can be split into any number of classes over a period of time.

There is a subsequent water safety course for those who have access to a pool that will teach basic swimming skills as defined by American Association of Pediatrics. This course takes 2-3 hours to complete, depending on the educator’s comfort in water, as demonstrations of skills are required.  The amount of time to teach basic swimming skills varies based on students’ comfort levels.

The water safety educator can be anyone who takes the course.  We recommend age 18 or older.

A Certificate of Completion will be presented to all who complete the course.

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