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How long will it take my child to learn to swim?

There is no exact time, since each child learns differently and at his/her own pace.  We teach skills based on each child’s individual physiological development and comfort level.

As children develop with coordination and comfort, new skills are introduced.  Our nurturing style allows students to enjoy the process of learning to swim.  Florida Swim School takes pride in building a trust with the students.  We always invite parents to join the lesson, especially those whose children show fear.

Once a child is able to swim independently and continuously side-breathing, the child has learned to swim.  Once this is achieved, competitive swimming skills are introduced.  Often, a child who has learned swimming to this level already enjoys swimming and wants to continue.  Competitive swim team skills are taught to progress the student to the sport of swimming.


FaceBook Live Florida Swim School 2nd week of each month!
Tell friends and family your swimming schedule so they can watch live!  If you prefer not to be viewed, please notify the front desk.  First time will be Monday March 6.  Simply go to Florida Swim School on FaceBook and watch the live broadcast.  You can ask questions and comment right there!
Florida Swim School has created a new schedule to provide great teaching and learning.  The third week of each month will demonstrate and discuss water safety with the students.  There will be hand-outs with valuable information for you to take home.

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