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June Bubbles 2019

Happy Summer!

We know kids are changing activities and families are traveling but we are so happy you are still swimming!

If you will be out of town remember you must mark yourself absent at least four hours before your scheduled class time. You have three months to schedule your make up classes using your family portal.

You can always mark yourself absent in advance if you know the dates you will be gone and you can schedule your make ups before you leave for your convenience!

The Florida Swim School is now a proud supporter of the Miami Diaper Bank .There will be a donation box at the front desk for diapers. Please help us by donating new diapers and to help families in need.   

Sunday June 30th from 10am to 11am Florida Swim School is hosting a FREE Event for families at the beach. We will be teaching ocean safety and practicing skills in the ocean! Please join us at Palmetto Park Beach at Lifeguard Station #1 for the fun! 

ATTENTION Parents in Baby/ Child & Me Classes:

  • If you are not comfortable in the water or know how to swim it is important to enroll in lessons to learn to be safe in the water as your child learns to swim.
  • If you are nervous or not comfortable in the water your fear and anxiety will be passed on to your child and they may become fussy during lessons.
  • Please talk to Kara, Emerson, or Margaux about how to sign up for one of the adult group classes we offer throughout the week!
  • June 17th -June 22nd Parents in the baby and me classes will be submerging WITH THEIR CHILD! Be prepared to go under this week.

Important Safety Tips

  •  If you do not know how to swim you should not be a water watcher at the pool.
  • Designate an adult who knows how to swim to be the water watcher.
  • If a child needs help in the pool it is important the adult who is watching knows how to swim so that the child can get help and the parent/ caregiver remains safe as well.
  • Put your cell phone down if you are the designated water watcher! Child drownings are linked to phone distraction

Dangerous Pool Toy: ARM FLOATIES!

  • They are not a certified floatation device.
  • They can deflate.
  • They give the parent and child a false sense of security in the pool. Meaning the parent or child thinks they are safe in the water or can swim.

What should you buy instead??

Any Certified Coast Guard Life Jacket or floatation device. There is a life jacket at the front desk with information about safe floatation devices. Please come to the front desk to see and ask questions!

Please share your photos of your children swimming this summer with us!!! We love to see and hear about our students swimming outside of the swim school.

Tag us on Facebook or Instagram @flswimschool. You may also bring the photos into the swim school or email the pictures for us to share!!

Remember to schedule your FREE BIRTHDAY LESSON!

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