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October Bubbles 2019

Happy Fall!

The Florida Swim School will be featured on an episode of KidVision on WPBTV online. Miss Penny interviewed Miss Margaux for an episode about being a swim instructor! We will share the link for
everyone to watch!


If you have any questions about your child’s progress in swim lessons please talk to someone at the front desk! We award ribbons once a month to keep track of each child’s progress as well as
updating their skills on our iPads.

Please do not hesitate to ask us how your child is progressing and what they are practicing in the pool!

Remember if you decide to take a break, a child’s swim skills might regress. You can always schedule a drop-in class to keep the skills fresh.

You can still drown even if you know how to swim. This is why it is important to keep attending swim lessons to keep swim skills and water safety skills fresh.

Always watch your kids at the pool and eliminate phone and conversation distractions. Only swim in the ocean if a lifeguard is on duty.


No shirt, no shoes, no problem! 

Please be sure your child is ready at the door to go into the pool. Pool ready means: no shoes, in a swim suit only, and goggles
if  your child has them.

Starting this month we are no longer hanging towels in the pool area due to mix-ups in towels. Please meet your child at the door at the end of class to give them their towel.

If your class time has started and there is no one at the front desk, feel free to walk your child out to the pool.

 October is coming which means it is pumpkin time in the pool! The instructors will be incorporating pumpkins into their lessons
for some fall fun! 


Stay informed on upcoming events and notices by following us on social media and checking your email! 

The Florida Swim School will be hosting FREE open swim to registered families the last Friday of every month from 5 pm-6 pm. The first open swim will be Friday October 25th. Please tell the front desk if you will be attending! 

Remember if refer your family or friends to the Florida Swim School,  you will receive a $25 credit on your account!

We look forward to seeing our students progress this year and become safer in the water!