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December Bubbles 2018


Not sure what to buy for your loved ones?
How about swim lessons!
You can purchase any amount towards
swim lessons for anyone!

Thank you for your
Toys for Tots Donations

We will be closed the following days:
Monday December 24 through Tuesday, January 1.
You are not charged for these days so make ups are not needed.

It is fun to see the progress of the students in the pool! Students in Dolphin 2 and Sharks are invited to show off at
Saint Andrew’s School for Friday Night Races!
The next Friday Night Race will be January 11 at 5:30.  Please confirm at the front desk or call 561-288-3817.

Thank you for using your family portals. This allows us to provide make up classes.  Please remember that if notice of absence is not provided, make ups are not available for others.
If we do not know there is an absence, the class remains full and others looking for make ups are not able to schedule since the class appears full. 

Does my child need a swim shirt?
Being indoors, there is no need for swim shirts to be worn since there is no sun and the water is warm at 90 degrees.
Wearing a shirt hinders movement in the pool, causing extra resistance, resulting in difficulty  swimming properly.
Please consider having your child remove a shirt for swim classes. 

There are some good podcasts out there:
Check this one from NPR
Hidden Brain
Many different subjects and keeps you thinking here:

Feel free to ask questions any time!
Your feedback is appreciated.  We can only get better by hearing from our trusted families!

The Florida Swim School Team is committed to creating a positive environment for our swimming families.   Please be a positive addition to our swimming family!

Please post pics of your family swimming together on
Instagram @flswimschool  or
email to
for us to post on social media.
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