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New Year Bubbles 2019

We are excited to get back in the pool teaching the life-saving skill of swimming!

Florida Swim School is making goals for 2019,
Are You?
Join us in Kindness and Sharing Smiles

Parents, do you know how to swim?
We currently have adults in our classes.
We encourage you and those who care for your children to take classes.
Swimming is great family bonding time!

New Water Safety Skill – Treading Water
Students will learn to hold head up while vertical in the water.
In this position, students will search for the closest safe place on the wall.  Students will swim face down to the wall.  
Students will learn to back float after treading in a vertical position.  
This skill teaches relaxation water and awareness of surrounding areas.

Click here to read about becoming more patient in your busy lives.

Thank you for using your family portals. This allows us to provide make up classes.  Please remember that if notice of absence is not provided, make ups are not available.
If we do not know there is an absence, the class remains full and others looking for make ups are not able to schedule since the class appears full. 

Feel free to ask questions any time!
Your feedback is appreciated.  We can only get better by hearing from our trusted families!

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